Comfortable, Classy and Dance-able.

I’m so excited to be moving on from the question of “is it safe?” to “what do I wear?” A fabulous question for my fabulous guests to ask.

I won’t post a photo of my dress (gotta leave some surprises) but I will say that it fits in an overhead compartment easily and does not have a train. It is a destination wedding dress and has only 2 layers of fabric.

I will share a picture of my shoes below. I am going for a bit of homage to the Roman’s with these sandals. Note that they have no heel, a key attribute I recommend you look for in your shoes. If you can’t walk comfortably at least 1km (half a mile) in the shoes, then keep looking. The cobblestones in Jerash have been repaired, but they are still not the place for unstable shoes and we expect you to join in the dancing.


It may be hot or it may be a cooler spring day. We will be outdoors for the ceremony and indoors for dinner (after sunset). So be sure to have a light jacket or scarf to complement your outfit. Below are some quick ideas for our dress code:

Summer Chic Dresses

Summer Chic for Men

But remember to be true to your style and be comfortable! Adam will NOT be wearing a tux, he’ll be in a light grey suit. So please don’t give him FOMO by dressing more fabulous than that.

As for cultural awareness: recognise that women with more traditional opinions will be mostly covered, but as foreigners you are welcome to wear whatever you like. To make everyone comfortable we suggest covered shoulders, no cleavage, and dress length below mid-thigh. A good rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t wear it into a Catholic church, probably best to avoid it.

In short, pick an outfit that is: comfortable, classy and dance-able.





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