Wadi Mujeb – The River Hike

As you explore Jordan you will notice that there are many place names that start with the word “Wadi”. Wadi means “valley” in English. Some are big and some are small, and some are filled with water, like this one!

The Wadi Mujeb (or Mujib) hike is a famous one that starts near the Dead Sea resorts. There is an extended hike that includes abseiling down the waterfall, but for our tour, we are inviting our guests to just do the short hike up the gorge and enjoy the waterfall from below.

Cost: US$35 per person, Jordanians included

This gives you a “life vest” and access to the path, complete with ladders, ropes and warning signs. Depending on the amount of snow over the winter, the river will either be a trickle or a flood. On our excursion, it was more than we bargained for.

Check out our video from the hike in 2015 to determine if you want to experience this year’s water level for yourself!

Duration: 1.5-2 hours
When: After Aqaba – on our way to Dead Sea
Who: Optional for those on the 5 day tour and anyone from Amman who wants to drive out to meet us
Difficulty: Medium/Hard. It is short, but there are sections that require swimming, sections that require scaling boulders in the middle of currents and sections requiring the ability to pull yourself up on a rope.
What to bring: Passport (in waterproof container), water friendly hiking shoes, clothes you can hike/swim in. Water for drinking. Recommend a few people take small backpacks they don’t mind getting wet.
Optional: Sunglasses (mostly shady, and you might lose them). Camera (only if waterproof).

Location: You can see this location on the map labelled as “E”. It is on our way to the Dead Sea from Aqaba.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.30.54 AM


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