Henna Night

When I moved to Australia I found that a bachelorette party was called a “Hen’s Night” and a bachelor party was called a “Buck’s Night” because women are “birds” and men are horny, I guess. 😊 

As I researched Middle Eastern wedding traditions I discovered that there is sometimes a “Henna Night” where women go crazy and get temporary tattoos! A little known fact about me, I have always wanted to get henna done and I keep waiting for an Indian friend to invite me to a wedding so I can partake. I had no idea I’d get the chance at my own wedding. Apparently it used to be something that men and women would do, but it is no longer the fashion in urban areas of the Middle East. 

Is it time to bring it back? 

Henna can be incredibly ornate or quite simple like the fire symbol above. Often on the hands, it can also be on the feet or anywhere else you’d like to decorate. I’m thinking definately do the feet, but not sure about the hands.



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