The Venue – A Good Omen

It rarely rains in Jordan outside of winter. But as we left Amman the clouds were gathering and by evening there was a light rain. Apparently this is a good omen for our event since rain is a blessing here.

It meant that the afternoon was cool and comfortable for our exploration of Jerash. We came with the North Theater in our minds as the right spot, but when we got to the South Theater we realized it fit our requirements far better and we didn’t even bother walking to the far North Theater.

The South Theater is on the far left side of the Oval Plaza

 Jerash (or Jarash) was named by the Caananites and later called Gerasa by the Romans. It is a relatively large archeological site that has been restored only in the past few decades and much of the site is still undiscovered. It was built by the Romans in 64 BCE and destroyed by an earthquake in 747 AD. It is the best preserved Roman city outside of Rome.


Our plan is to deliver people by bus to the Visitor Center parking lot and have them walk through the Oval Plaza. We may have to provide slippers so people don’t get their nice shoes dirty on the way up.

The entrance to the Amphitheater doesn’t really do it justice. I wonder if we can cover the spray painted WC… 

Path to the South Theater


Bag Pipe performance from the focal point
We will seat people in the middle two sections, first 4 rows
I wished my gopro had not died on my last trip so I could get a wide angle shot, but trust me, it is big!   
Focal point: Stand here to be heard with natural amplification
The stone seats may need some cushions

Our new friends assure us that our dream is possible

The bagpipe player used to be in the military band and accompanied the previous King to L.A. to perform in the Rose Parade long ago. Today he plays for tips and like so many Jordanians was eager to help us find a solution to our problems.

The stage behind the focal point may provide the perfect location for some snacks after the ceremony. The railings in the background can be fitted out with lights. There is a generator so we can setup speakers for ambient music as well.


Hadrian Gate at Jerash entrance
Now that we know it is possible we just have to sort out the details! As we left that night the sun peaked out from behind the clouds. God’s blessing perhaps? Inshallah


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