Kan Zamaan – Restaurant Option


When we spoke to people about our plans many suggested Kan Zamaan as a great place for foreigners to enjoy a Jordanian meal with good atmosphere and opportunities to dress in local costumes. We heard it so much we had to try it. 

We were told it is under new management and has been recently renovated – a good sign!

Today we decided to check it out, but as with many places in Amman the maps failed us. Google Maps told me it was in Downtown Amman, which we knew wasn’t true. So then we tried TripAdvisor which was at least in the right direction. But it should have been a hint when we mapped directions that the road was “Unnamed Rd, Jordan”.

The first issue is that you cannot take the left shown on the map. The second is that there is a farm where the pin is.

Thankfully we turned off the highway after the missing left and found signs for Kan Zamaan (note two a’s instead of one). We were good until the arrow pointed left up a small hill and then nothing. We drove around the houses and finally had to call. 

“Look to the mountain and you will find us” were the directions. That seemed a bit cryptic but then, sure enough, there it was. There was no final sign indicating a second left up the hill and the big walls obscured the sign. 
Success at last! But upon entering we found a ghost town, except clearly brand new instead of crumbling. We wound our way to the back and found a lovely indoor and outdoor dining area, but the other shops were not yet open. Apparently the full “Mirage complex” will open in a month. I feel the complex is well named given how difficult it was to find. 

With menu prices of 4-6JD for small plates (6-8USd or 8-12AUD) I wonder if this is really worth the price. Perhaps when it is in full swing it will appeal more.

Google and TripAdvisor may need to adopt the local custom of using landmarks instead of addresses: From Amman, turn left at the IKEA intersection and drive to the mountain!




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