To Tent or not to Tent

With a grand venue in mind to speak our vows, what could we do for the evening feast that would match?

Neither Adam or I really want the classic wedding hall scenario because we like to be a bit different.

When the potential to use a tent to host our evening gathering came up I was instantly enamoured. I’ve been to a lot of nice events over the years hosted in white tents. Pinterest has shown me that a wedding tent can even have a chandelier! 

Adam was worried that I had a different idea in my head than what might actually be possible in the land of Tent People (aka Bedouins). So we found the only tent provider in Amman with an Internet presence: Special Day Event.

And it turns out they do exactly what I hoped for: a big white tent, funky old style lanterns, rugs and simple tables and chairs (no sashes!). So we will explore this option in person and see if we can make this all work:

  1. Where to pitch it? Apparently you can just squat on any open land – but you never know if it will be available. Not exactly what you need on the big day.
  2. How to cater? That will be the topic of a whole other blog as we seek the best Mansaf option that delivers.
  3. Will we be judged? It turns out that while a tent would be “traditional” it is now a sign of a lower cost wedding – and as we all know, [sarcasm]the more you spend on the wedding the happier you will be.[/sarcasm].

Our other options would be some restaurants in the area. They are lovely and would be fine, but I’m hoping for feast in a tent to keep our costs down and have an experience that feels unique to this region and Adam’s heritage.



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