Why a “New Dawn”?

For those of you out there wondering why this non-romantic girl named her blog “New Dawn”, read on.

It is hard not to get a little cheesy or cliche when discussing love and weddings. How to sum up in a domain name the infinite affection required to commit to another person? People have written whole books, poems and books of poems attempting to capture the emotion in words. I don’t have those skills, so I’ll stick to telling my story.

Last year my fiancé took me to a rose garden to propose. It was a very hot summer day in February (gotta love living upside down!) so there were very few other people out. We found a cool spot under the shade of a rose bush and he pulled out the ring that we had chosen together (see, I’m not a romantic) and popped the question. It wasn’t a surprise but I cried anyway, a good sign I figure.

When we got up to leave, we looked down at the name and origin of the pink rose bush we were under. It said: “New Dawn, USA”. In a huge garden with hundreds of roses, we randomly sat under that one. A sweet moment but it didn’t stick with me. A year later we returned and when quizzed I could not recall the name of the bush! But I knew exactly where it was, go figure.

Then a week ago we were pondering a good song to be sung at the ceremony when we heard “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. It’s romantic, but not saccharine, and it’s got soul – a great option. Then as I looked into it, I realized the chorus fit us perfectly:

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

So how could I not name my blog “New Dawn”? When the universe sends me a message so clearly that my theme is “New Dawn”.



One thought on “Why a “New Dawn”?

  1. Dear Jen and Ahmad,
    We are very happy for you both.
    I had to get to my computer to read the
    blog about your New Dawn Wedding and the
    story of the rose.
    It’s a great term for you because while you’ve
    shared many adventures
    together, tieing the knot begins a
    wonderful journey as a couple.
    Much Love,
    Sharon and Charles

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