And So It Begins!

It’s a rainy Autumn night in Melbourne and we are packing for 3 weeks in Jordan where it will be late Spring with no rain. One year ago I sent out Save the Dates and set a target for our Epic Destination Wedding of May 2016. I figured 2 years notice ought to be enough time to plan and plus I wanted to see if people thought it was a crazy GOOD idea or crazy BAD idea.

Given the response, it appears that we have just the right amount of crazy friends. Here’s my idea:

I’m American and my fiancé is Jordanian-Australian. No matter what, our home-based friends and family would have to travel to attend a wedding ceremony, so where to have it? We decided that we should not only celebrate our union but also what brought us together – a love of travel.  And the place that he shared with me that I never would have gone without him: Jordan. My first trip with him was magical and I want to try to share that with the people we care about. Of course, if people come all the way to Jordan, it can’t be for just one day, so we should take them on a tour.

And so the Epic Destination Wedding started to take shape. We now have an 8 day itinerary and we have lots of ideas to make this the most memorable trip we’ve ever planned and our guests have ever attended.

We are so excited to share this new dawn!
We are so excited to share this new dawn! That’s the Treasury at Petra in the background, a key stop on the tour.

Over the next three weeks we will see how much of our vision can become a reality. Jordan is a wonderful place but part of what makes it unique is also what makes arranging an event like this just a little crazy.

If you like Weddings that strive to be different more than the same and if you want to hear about the challenges of arranging a Destination Wedding in a country not known for that type of thing, then read on. This is going to be one interesting year!

Camels know that water comes from plastic bottles these days.
Remember to stay hydrated, there’s a lot to do!

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